Edmon’s offers their customers a look into making of the company’s various unique mantelpieces already installed at customer homes.

This page includes assortment of existing photos that cover the delicate craftsmanship and style of Edmon’s mantels. All mantels where made from start to finish using the time tested techniques and design styles of Edmon’s. The installation was also completed by the company employees who are especially trained to assist in technical aspect of the mantel preparation.

One of the finest made fireplace mantels in the world, Edmon’s mantels feature exquisite detailing, hand craftsmanship, and beautiful attention to detail. Built to fit any size fireplace, the mantels are sure to add beauty to your home.

Simply, observe the transformation of the rooms due to the addition of the unique mantelpieces. You are welcomed to visit Edmon’s showrooms on Melrose Ave for more of the latest mantel designs like these shown on the website.

Elegant Wood Mantels (Room 1,3,17)

These elegant mantels stand out for their simplicity. The timeless design works perfectly with traditional homes. Elegant top mantel is designed add a dramatic floor-to-ceiling impact. The final assembled mantels reflect solid geometrical fluidity and dentil molding decorate a formal fireplace.

Ornate Column Wood Mantels (Room 8, 18)

This modern luxuriously carved mantel has elaborately carved columns that reflect the tastes and styles of the Renaissance Era. A master craftsman from Edmon’s carved this masterpiece mantel for a prominent U.S. customer. The Renaissance Era is a rich source of design ideas that is regularly tapped by Edmons’ artists. Here, the craftsman . Carved of wood, the ornate period mantel was faux finished to match classical look of custom furnishings in the customer’s living room. The plain surround accentuate the intricate column details and frames the traditional wood burning fireplace.

Rococo Style Wood Mantels (Room 9, 10)

A classical Rococo style mantel designed and hand carved by Edmon’s company. Note the careful balance of curve and line, and the extreme care taken in creating a dynamic and exciting surround. The detailed decorations are intended to deeply impress. The overall theme of this mantel is to create a feeling of extreme luxury.

Wood Mantels with Marble Surround (Room 14, 15) These mantels were well received by the clients and reflect the skills and workmanship Edmon’s has developed. Even though all mantels are built on the same design philosophy, no two are ever exactly alike. The following mantel design is perfect for country manors, stately residences and luxury homes. The wood color and finishing designs work well with marble surround, which adds a serious yet timeless touch to the fireplace. The color of wood and marble are chosen specifically together to create a sophisticated style and mange to display perfect harmony of wood and stone design.
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